Thursday, 6 July 2017

Being more Productive. Perfectionism and Procrastination

We have all been there-perhaps at home, school, college, university or work, it is you versus that mountain of stuff to do. It seems as though you have spent all your time chipping away but have frustrating barely made a dent in what you wanted to get done.

Aaaa where did time go? Many times we end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed and perhaps demotivated. There are 4 Ps that come to my mind: Perfectionism,  Procrastination, Priorities and Perseverance:

Can you relate to these? Do perfectionism and Procrastination get in your way?
Perhaps you set such unnecessarily high standards, that are freaking impossible to achieve in the time you have. This is then linked in to why we might procrastinate. Some people find it off putting to start some thing if they fear it going 'wrong' or in some instances scared of it going right! Paradoxical right?

This is where Priorities and Perseverance come in.
Prioritising definitely pays off. There is a difference between what we want and need to achieve.

Planning out the areas that need more time and attention can pay off- just don't end up procrastinating by spending more time planning than doing!! A balance needs to be found.

Perseverance will help see you through those challenging times. It is this hope that wills you to carry on. I am working on separate posts on how to reduce perfectionism and procrastination and how to increase prioritising and perseverance. Stay tuned kiddie-winks.

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