Sunday, 9 April 2017

My Goals for 2017

Hey kiddiwinks...

Yes I know that January had long gone but I want to share my 2017 goals for some accountability!...

1. Blog. I have wanted to blog properly for years but my perfectionist streak really put me off. I am now realising that being able to interest one other person to read my posts is good enough for me. I used to have Tumblr before starting university and documenting my life is some thing I genuinely enjoy.

1. Sleep earlier! Zzzz... I kick my not so great habit of going to sleep after 12pm! It is down to thinking that I am still productive when I stay up, eating dinner late, feeling anxious and too much Instgram/Youtube/TV catchup.

2. Read more. Younger Manv always had her head in a book, but I have recently been neglecting my inner Book-worm. I desperately love getting lost in the different worlds that books take us to.

3. Embrace a plant based/vegan diet. I am secretly obsessed interested in healthy eating. Don't get me wrong I love chocolatey desserts but learning more about the benefits of plant-based veganism is on my agenda this year. I want to be less embarrassed about this too as my main obstacle is what others will think of me. I plan to keep you updated with my thoughts, food favourites, product reviews, restaurant recommendations and festivals that I encounter.

4. Make Friends. I have been distancing myself from people since going through some personal life challenges, It would be lovely to make some decent friends and have genuine relationships again.

5. Fitness Fun. I am one of those weirdos who enjoys de-stressing by going to gym classes, Again this hobby of mine took a backseat due to depression and anxiety. However as it is important for us to engage in self-care, fun exercise is one of my favourites that I want to get back into.

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