Sunday, 9 April 2017

Thankful Thursday

Despite this week's difficult challenges, the following have helped me appreciate what I have around me.

1- Sunshiiiiine . Awww the brighter mornings and evenings are so energizing. I love how the sunshine has encouraged the UK to venture outside, be more active and spend time with each other.

2- My workplace's 1 year anniversary. I work for Beacon and the team had a little office party this Wednesday to celebrate. My seniors bought me a little bar of Coco Libre vegan chocolate to enjoy while the others had cake:) a thoughtful gesture!

3- Reading again. As a kid I LOVED reading. If you have any book recommendations then do share them with me below. At the moment I'm reading Looking for Alaska by John Green.

4- Pretty Flowers- Although I live in the city I have been appreciating the different plants that catch my eye when walking to or from the station or work. I have been showcasing my favourites on my Instagram stories if you fancy a peek.

5- TEA!- A decent cuppa makes everything better. Tulsi organic green tea has been filling my favourite mug this week.

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